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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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off. >> it's the home opener for the san francisco giants. they take on the arizona diamondbacks this afternoon. >> students celebrated early into the morning at the university of connecticut campus. the huskies defeated the kentucky wildcats to win the ncaa national championship. >> happening today state senator leland yee of san francisco expected to be arraigned on federal grand jury indictment charges including fraud and gun and drug trafficking. >> hackers are a wiley bunch. >> a big change at atms across the country could create an express lane for hackers into your bank account. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning. tuesday is here, it's april 8. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego michelle griego. time now is 6:00. let's check in with liz for a check on our morning commute. >> thanks, guys. there was some confusion in our
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last report about whether the metering lights on. they are officially on now at 5:57 they switched them on so delays have really begun heading into san francisco. it's backed up beyond the first overcrossing in the busiest lanes and, of course, the delays will continue to grow. there is that giants game later on this afternoon. so expect some extra traffic tie-ups trying to get into the city throughout the day. here's a live look at the nimitz. 880 in oakland, taillights northbound commute direction. it's actually pretty good. likely we won't see delays for at least another hour. and here's a live look at our sensors coming through the all the antioch area and pittsburg- bay point area. we are starting to see a few slow traffic -- a few brake lights from "a" street through the antioch exits and a few taps on the brake lights from willow pass into concord. one more live look outside. this is the approach to the richmond/san rafael bridge where so far things look great. an easy ride all the way into marin county. that's your latest traffic.
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it is a great looking day for the forecast. here's lawrence. should be the best day of the week. we're going to see plenty of sunshine outside today although we are starting out with a few high clouds and also patchy, dense fog along the coastline. by the afternoon, it will be mostly sunny outside. these temperatures probably the warmest of the week mid-80s inland, 60s and 70s toward the coastline. over the bay a few high clouds drifting on by. otherwise the temperatures fairly mild in spots. it is 58 degrees in san jose. 55 in san francisco. and 56 degrees in oakland. this afternoon, what a day it's going to be. mid-80s in the warmest valleys. inside the bay should be spectacular, plenty of sunshine, yeah, no records but these temperatures running about 11 to 15 degrees above average. even some 70s out toward the beaches. that's a look at weather, guys back to you. developing news in the corruption scandal that landed more than two dozen people in jail last month. kpix 5 reporter mark kelly is at the federal courthouse in san francisco where state senator leland yee and a parade
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of defendants are due in court this morning. >> reporter: a whole cast of case, is expected for their arraignment here -- a whole cast of character assist expected for their arraignment here at the federal courthouse at 9 a.m. these are the big fish in the case that will go before a u.s. magistrate joseph spiro this morning. so there is state senator leland yee, former san francisco school board president keith jackson and raymond "shrimp boy" chow and about 18 other defendants expected. so the indictment friday alleges public corruption and gun running charges including evidence from an undercover fbi agent. it says as recently as march 11th, the defendants met to discuss purchasing weapons from the philippines to import into the u.s. legal expert peter keane says he thinks these charges and these defendants are just the start. >> the fact that they have been dribbling in and dribbling in, the characters who are being caught in the net, they now are
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giving information, some of them trying to buy their way out so i would think that there's probably going to be quite a number of other people still to come. >> reporter: that legal expert says the best evidence in this case is any audio or video recordings between fbi agents and these defendants. that's what we're going to be waiting to see. live at the federal courthouse, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> yee was one of three democrats suspended from the state senate. two others face federal corruption charges in separate cases. now the names and photos of all three have been removed from the roster on the state senate website. video clips and records of the three have also been removed. happening today, former secretary of state hillary clinton will be in san francisco for a midday speech. she will be giving the keynote address at a gathering at the moscone center called the marketing nation summit sponsored by marquito. she will speak for a half hour and take questions from the audience. she is still weighing a
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potential presidential run in 2016. today the senate will vote on a bill calling for a moratorium on fracking and other methods of stimulating oil wells. it would require studies on those methods and their effects on the economy. the environment and public health, as well. the bill is authored by mark leno san francisco democrat. san diego family on the way home aboard a navy ship after a dramatic rescue on the pacific ocean. the kaufman family here their sailboat lost steering and a 1- year-old got sick on the boat just two weeks into what was going to be a trip around the world in that sailboat. national guard team out of the moffett field assisted the coast guard, which says the family won't be billed for the rescue. >> it's a dangerous business but it's a business that we're obligated to keep americans safe and we'll continue to do that. >> the baby girl was last reported in stable condition. is it a prank? protest? vandalism? someone tipped over at least four smart cars in san francisco's bernal heights all
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of the incidents happening within 10 blocks of each other. one witness heard a crashing sound and laughter as the pranksters sped off. this morning firefighters are still at the scene of a three-alarm fire that burned three homes. it started yesterday afternoon on mossbrook circle in west san jose. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is on the scene near the border with campbell. a crew is on the lookout for hot spots or flare-ups. >> reporter: yeah. we just had a shift change here of the fire department from san jose. these guys are getting a fresh look at the scene to make sure there aren't any hot spots flaring up overnight and to be honest with you here, there's not a lot left out to burn out here on the scene. the only thing left standing is a chimney. that eichler home that burned yesterday is a total loss. it broke out about 3:00 yesterday afternoon and went to three alarms due to eye couple of factors. a pg&e natural gas line ruptured adding to the 50-foot flames that shot out of the house. a thick column of smoke could be seen from miles away. also the open air design of those eichler homes so popular
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here in the bay area with its atrium in the center of the house set fire to that oxygen -- fed oxygen to that fire, i should say. >> because it is so open, it allows for more air to flow through, which gives a lot more -- helps with the fuel. >> these are the kind like nicknamed four- or five minute houses. if you don't start putting them out then, it's not going to work. they're paneled glass houses. it's unfortunate. they're nice houses. >> reporter: the houses on either side were also damaged. there were no injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. live in west san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a total of 7 people had to evacuate and they are now getting help from the red cross. after 7 games on the road, the san francisco giants finally get to play some ball at at&t park. >> they do. and they are looking good at 5- 2. it's a home opener this afternoon against arizona. the giants are ready.
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you bet. the fans are ready. and so is at&t park. >> reporter: at&t park is finally waking from its winter slumber 189 days of baseball hibernation now all washed away. the bunnies are draped -- buntings are draped. banners are hung. willie is ready. it's time to show off that giant orange and play ball. >> wonderful, exciting, the best that could happy guess for a giants fan. >> it's just so special. the weather is awesome. amazing. this kicks off the season and it's very festive and fun and it's just a good family day off. >> reporter: in a ballpark with some new perks. would you believe a working organic garden in center field? new venues for big outings and a few new faces like today's starter 38-year-old tim hudson pitching in a ballpark that has sold out for the 247th consecutive game. >> we think our players really feed off the energy in this ballpark and we hear it from other teams and other players who come in and visit at&t park and they are blown away by the
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atmosphere. >> reporter: a new season means new gear like an opening day t- shirt or maybe this new giants dugout jacket. these script orange jerseys are new, too. warning, though, bring your checkbook. did you rob a bank to get out of here. >> reporter: not yet but i'm looking for one. >> reporter: i guess. the new orange jerseys go for $225. >> it's fun. >> reporter: the giants have won two of the last four world series and they seem to like the even years. think about it. they wouldn't in 2010 and 2012. and now it's 2014. why not? >> well, let's hope. we are, you know, we have a great team a great starting rotation, the bullpen has been strong. all of a sudden we're hitting home runs left and right. so let's they keep it going when they come back. >> good logic with the even years. >> it's 2014, why not? they played very well in the home opener especially at at&t park. it's the 15th won. they won 11 and they won 5 in a
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row. i'll be down there at noontime and all the mass. time now 6:10. coming up, san francisco's mission bay apartment building was reduced to ashes last month. coming up, you may finally learn how that fire got started. >> reporter: we may be the first to arrive but you can feel the energy in the air. it's opening day for the san francisco giants baseball season here at at&t park. and we're taking out to the ballgame. >> temperatures expected to soar into the 80s in many parts of the bay area. even some 70s along the coastline. changes coming our way, we'll talk about that coming up. >> we are seeing a lot of red sensors now through the altamont pass. so if you are trying to get to work on time, give yourself some extra time on westbound 580 from the altamont pass to at least vasco. a full look at your travel times to work coming up. first, we he want to know what drives you craze -- first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. ,,
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at 2014 baseball se well, just a few hours from now, the giants will play their first home game of the 2014 baseball season. and kpix 5 reporter roberta gonzales has a primo seat at at&t park. >> reporter: good morning, frank. it's currently 54 degrees here at at&t park going up to a sun- soaked 76 degrees which is a heat wave for at&t park. so make sure you have your sunblock today. yes, you know, when i come back ballpark and i see the red, white and blue bunting, i know it's either opening day or play- offs. i'm talking about the senior vice president of business operations. i think the first time i met you was april 11, 2000, when we
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opened up this ballpark. >> this is our 15th season. fells like the park is still new and ready for another opening day. >> reporter: does it ever get old? >> never. there's nothing better than opening day. there's a special feeling, life is good again. and i don't know how you planned this weather. the sun is starting to coming up, it's going to be a great day. >> reporter: anything for you, mr. aliota. it's the 15th season. tim hudson is back. >> he is starting. this is the perfect day to welcome all our new players but we are excited about having him on the mound today. now, all the players will be here. they are ready to go. opening day when the players are introduced, it's just a special moment. >> reporter: what makes this see so so special? >> we have always said about the fans and players, there is a chemistry we have. that's why we have a together team.
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there's something special about this team and our fans and that connection. with michael morris in left field and tim hudson, we have some new faces. if you look around each player, it's a good team. so we're excited. we're ready to go. >> giants are one of the last teams in major league baseball to actually open up at home this season. so game time is -- well, the gates open at 11:05. >> reporter: gates open at 11:00 and first pitch at 1:30 but all the ceremonies start at 1:00. we have something special planned. >> i have to ask you, nobody is talking about yet who is throwing out first pitch. can i get it out of you? >> no! >> reporter: come on! >> we have to keep the secret. but we have something really cool planned so i think everything is going to have a great time. we are definitely ready to get it started. >> i'm going to try to get it out of them who is throwing out first pitch today. if you want more on the giants and on the weather here today, visit us on line at >> sounds good, roberta, thank
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you. giants are trending this morning. also trending now, free cone day. today is ben & jerry's annual free cone day. sounds good. and ncaa championship, the university of connecticut huskies defeated the kentucky wildcats 60-54. >> i was very happy about that last night. >> barbara walters will retire from tv on may 16. battlestar galactica, the new movie will completely reimagine the sci-fi tale. remember, follow us on twitter at #cbssf. >> it's tuesday. it is the home opener. so traffic could be a little crazy in the city, i guess, right? >> could be. likely will. i guess the gates open at 11:00, not noon. first pitch is at 1:35. so a little later on this morning into early afternoon and then again later on this afternoon when the game wraps up you could see some extra traffic tie-ups especially along the embarcadero near at&t park and on the bay bridge so right now, the metering lights are turned on at 5:57 this morning. so you're backed up right now to the 880 overcrossing. so this could be one of the
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best commutes we see here for a while. once you get on the bay bridge from the incline to yerba buena, everything still looks great. here's a live look in the east bay. northbound and southbound 880, running smoothly like clockwork actually no delays in either direction between hayward past oakland airport and into the macarthur maze. if your commute takes you way farther south towards the silicon valley, westbound 237, still moving at the speed limit as well for now leaving milpitas out of sunnyvale. this is still spring break week i should remind you so some commutes we are seeing lighter traffic. spring break for some people. westbound 580 though obviously big delays here. there were no incidents. we were wondering for a minute what was causing these heavy delays. but this is just the usual commute pattern right now and it's up to almost a half hour between the altamont pass and 680. but it still looks better once you get past that vasco road exit. ferries could be crowded. i got a tweet about this with
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giants game later on this afternoon. but for right now everything is on time. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." good day for some baseball and everything else. here's lawrence. >> i can't wait to hear the crack of the bats, see those balls flying out to mccovey cove. the giants home opener looks like it will be good. going to see a lot of sunshine all around the bay area, although we are starting out with patchy fog toward the coastline and a few high clouds drifting overhead. still, as we look toward the afternoon, it will become mostly sunny and warm all the way to the coastline today probably the peak of the heat. and then the cooling trend begins tomorrow with more low clouds and fog returning to the coastline and beginning to push inside the bay. so enjoy that warm sunshine for today. it should be a spectacular day outside. these numbers up to 15 degrees above average. how about 92 degrees getting hot in fresno today? 87 in sacramento. 64 lake tahoe. 80 yosemite. computer models showing you the day looking good then in the evening hours, a few more high clouds drifting overhead but
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more importantly, low clouds and fog surging in along the coastline pushing inside the bay early tomorrow morning will begin the cooling trend. 81 milpitas, 81 fremont, 81 redwood city. 78 hayward. mid-80s in the interior valleys and inside the bay, plenty of sunshine 77 in san leandro, and 74 in san francisco. your sunrise time 6:45. sunset is at 7:39. looking out over the next few days, temperatures begin to cool off but it is still looking very nice as we head in toward the weekend. i can't wait. baseball opening day there's nothing like it. >> i know! >> this guy is lucky. >> i get to go. >> i can't wait to be a ball boy again part two. i hope i do better than last time. >> can't wait for that. [ laughter ] >> that's going to be good. all right, lawrence, thanks. big change hits atms across the country. how your money could be at risk. >> reporter: and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the ncaa tournament was for the underdogs, not a
6:21 am
top seed in sight in the championship game. the flying finale coming into your living room next. >> what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. last year, the university of connecticut was on probation. couldn't even play in the ncaa tournament. they got a new coach, a new start, and another ring. two former presidents part of the championship record crowd 79,000. uconn and kentucky, shabazz to ryan boatwright 19-10, huskies at that point. kentucky trailed by as many as 15 but they rallied. aaron harrison will cut the
6:25 am
lead to 37-36. they have 15 minutes to play. uconn never gave back the lead. napier hits the three with under 7 minutes to go making it 51-47. he had 22 points. and the final, 60-54 over kentucky,. a's in minneapolis for the twins home opener where thankfully the sun was out. in the second, yoenis cespedes that's down the left field line on brandon moss scoring from first to make 1-0. 5 had n 3 oakland in the 6th. 5-4. 6-3. the a's win for the 7th straight time over the twins. the final 8-3 and the a's go above .500 for the first time this season. they are at 4-3. they did win opening night but you get the idea. i'm headed out to at&t park today for the giants home
6:26 am
opener. and this is my credential. and frank, michelle, i know you guys will be there. well, can i see your credentials, please? we'll see you at opening day, everybody. >> i don't have a credential, but you know, his picture was taken back when. >> would you have hair like that? >> no. >> that has to be 10, 15 years old. back to the ncaa title game. play of the game, young impressive get out of my way dunk! that was in the second half. the wildcats got within one a couple of times but couldn't get over the hill. uconn won but they do win the consolation prize, the kpix 5 morning play of the day. >> that's a win. >> absolutely. 6:26. seaworld may be losing the one attraction it's best known for. the effort to tend the iconic killer whale shows. >> reporter: and i'm mark kelly. state senator leland yee expected to be arraigned in that federal courthouse later on this morning.
6:27 am
coming up, a legal expert talks about how this case could unfold. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. and a three-alarm fire in west san jose leaves behind a big mess. we have a live report coming up. >> a six-story construction site burns to the ground in san francisco. one month later we may finally learned what caused it. >> and a new accident just reported in san jose took out a light pole and a metering light. we'll tell you how it's impacting the morning drive to work coming up. good morning, it's tuesday, april 8. i'm frank mallicoat.
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>> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. happening today, big doings over at at&t. the first home game of the 2014 season for the giants. a live look at a beautiful morning. at&t ballpark where the game against arizona is set to begin at 1:35. tim hudson former star for the a's and the braves is a new giant. he will be your starting pitcher this afternoon. and you may want to bring a little spf50 just a thought. >> i think some good sunblock out there as we'll see great weather all around the bay area. what a neat home opener. the warmest day of the week indeed. we are going to see plenty of sunshine outside. and the forecast there is looking great. these temperatures soaring into san francisco by the ballpark to about 76 degrees. yeah, game time at 1:35. get out there and enjoy it if you can. how about this for a start today? a few high clouds cruising overhead. otherwise lots of sunshine coming our way. we have a couple of patches of fog and it's thick toward the coastline. temperatures mild though. 58 in san jose.
6:32 am
55 in san francisco. and 56 degrees in oakland. this afternoon, probably the peak of the heat this week. these temperatures well above the average. mid-80s inland, 70s and 80s inside the bay even a few more 70s out toward the coastline. let's check the roads with elizabeth. we'll go out to the bay bridge. there hasn't been much to tweet about this morning because the commute has overall -- big picture, we're off to a pretty nice start. it's stacked up into the macarthur maze some of the approaches starting to slow as well heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been on now for more than a half hour. they were turned on at 5:57 this morning so it's the cash and the fastrak lanes that will slow you down. leaving san jose northbound 101 it's the on-ramp at de la cruz where there is an accident and that accident took out a metering light, light pole. it's not impacting the main lines of the freeway. we are just seeing the usual slowdowns right now from 280 maybe to about mckee and then things improve a little bit by de la cruz but i might avoid that on-ramp for a while until they completely clear it and
6:33 am
through the sunol grade kcbs drove through it and say it's slow from pleasanton into the sunol grade. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." we are following developing news about the corruption scandal that landed nearly two dozen people in jail last month. we have kpix 5 reporter mark kelly at the federal courthouse in san francisco for today's arraignment of state of leland yee and others. >> reporter: of course, a lot of focus on state senator leland yee expected to be arraigned in that federal courthouse at 9:00 this morning. but there's some other big fish in this case. and we're really expecting to hear most of their pleas. suspended state senator leland yee arraigned this morning on corruption as well as gun and drug trafficking charges. but defendants in this case are in the dozens. legal expert peter keane says expect to see morning. >> it's the fact that then dribbling in. the characters being caught in
6:34 am
the net, they now are giving information. some of them are trying to buy their way out. so i would think that there's probably going to be quite a number of other people still to come. >> reporter: the indictment handed down friday includes evidence from an undercover fbi agent. it says as recently as march 11 the defendants met to discuss performing weapons from the philippines -- purchasing weapons from the philippines to import into the u.s. >> the government is in the process of accumulating evidence and provide it to the defense. >> reporter: other defendants include raymond "shrimp boy" chow and the accused middleman former san francisco board of education president keith jackson, who could turn snitch. turning the defendants in this case against one another. >> he can pull the whole thing together and it's in his interests to do it to make a light deal for himself. >> reporter: so that federal grand jury indictment of course that now replaces the 137-page criminal complaint, michelle, that we heard a lot about in the past two weeks. >> mark, we have seen changes at the capital in sacramento,
6:35 am
as well. >> reporter: we have. some big changes there. of course, three senators all under intense focus right now two others facing corruption charges in an entirely different case from state senator leland yee but all three of those senators have been removed from the state senate roster so their pictures and names have been taken down. >> thank you. today investigators are expected to release a report on how a massive fire started at an apartment building under construction in san francisco. last month's fire destroyed the six-story building in the mission bay neighborhood. fire officials called it the biggest fire in san francisco in years. firefighters spent the night at the scene of a fire that destroyed one home, damaged two others. it started yesterday afternoon on mossbrook circle in west san jose. kpix 5's keit do is at that fire location and now has the very latest. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. the firefighters tell us they will be out of here roughly
6:36 am
around 8:00 this morning because they are pretty confident the fire has pretty much cooled down at this point. it's not in any danger of flaring up right now which gives us a good chance to move in and get a closer look at some of the damage. this used to be an acura integra, the wheels are gone, the upholstery is burned away. fire, flames, heat, intense and unforgiving yesterday. all they could do was watch as firefighters put out hot spots hours after a three-alarm fire gutted this home, torched the cars out front and spread to two more houses next door. >> it was thick. everything was engulfed. could you smell it blocks away. >> reporter: at its height flames shot 50 feet in the air. a broken gas line made it tougher to put out. pg&e says the fires damaged a meter so firefighters had to wait until crews fixed the leak to beat back the flames. there was no time to save anything from this hiker will home built in the early '60s.
6:37 am
>> these are the nicknamed four-or five-minute houses. if you don't start putting them out then it's not worth it. they are all paneling and glass houses and it's unfortunate, they're nice houses. >> because it is so open it allows for more air to flow through which gives a lot more -- helps with the fuel. >> reporter: about a dozen neighbors evacuated their homes. many ran out after people banged on their doors. tyler, a dog, didn't have enough time to make it out of the house but neighbors eventually spotted him running up and down the street. >> i'm just glad no lives were lost not that i've heard of and i guess that's the best part about this whole thing that nobody got hurt. >> reporter: so crews brought in some heavy equipment and actually pushed aside some of the debris so that the firefighters could make sure some of the hot spots were out. that tells us that the investigators are pretty much done with their work. they settled on a cause but have not released that exact cause just yet. we do know that the pg&e ruptured line did not cause this fire out here in west san
6:38 am
jose. live, kiet do, kpix 5. >> total of 7 people had to evacuate and they are now getting some help from the red cross. starting today, some atms may be vulnerable to hackers because microsoft is no longer supporting the xp operating system or offering security updates for the vast majority of users. 95% of banks run xp on their atms. one prominent tech reporter and editor says the potential for thefts is high. >> every time there's a security flaw that bubbles up or somebody finds a way to take advantage of holes in windows xp, there will be no one to fix it. >> large banks like chase, bank of america and wells fargo have made deals with microsoft to continue to receive security support for xp. but smaller banks and credit unions do not have such deals. for the time being the best way to avoid the problem is to not use atms. developing news out of l.a. where an officer was wounded in a gun battle and it actually
6:39 am
happened inside a police station there. police say a man walked in last night said he had a complaint, then he just opened fire. the desk officer was shot seven times. fellow officer says his bulletproof vest saved his life. he was wounded in the shoulder. other officers finally shot that gunman. >> i heard five shots and then i heard the police cars zooming down our street. >> we don't know this guy but again it's very early and only a few people got a look at him before he was sent to the hospital. >> the officer will be okay. the gunman is in critical condition. motive is unknown. a bill that could end killer whale shows in california has its first committee hearing today. it would require san diego's seaworld to stop performances by the whales. the park would also have to move ten orcas to a larger sea pen and the bill would ban the import or export of orcas. the search has been
6:40 am
suspended for a menlo park woman who may be lost on moun tamerlin tsarnaev in tam. magdalena glinkowski hasn't been seen in 10 days. this is her as she walked across a parking lot at mount tam. her rental cast was found there. 6:40. the new way to keep track of your grocery list without writing it down. >> the market opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board. you can see the dow is up about 4 points. coming up, we get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> how about your pollen report for today? the pollen count is on the rise. in fact, as we get into thursday and friday, we are running in the high category, ash, mulberry and oak the big problems. ,, ,,,,
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norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. ahead - we're in south afri time now for what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us live. >> reporter: good morning to you, frank and michelle. ahead we are in south africa where oscar pistorius was back on the stand testifying this is own defense. and wait until you hear his emotional testimony about his feelings for the girlfriend that he shot and killed. plus, we go to the vehicle research center to find out how the insurance institute for highway safety conducts its crash tests. and what makes something funny? jamie wax talks to the men who say they figured out the formula and tested it all over the world. so we have the answer for you as into us is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> can't wait to hear that. sounds good. thank you, norah. >> have a good show. smartphones are not as hot
6:45 am
as they were and samsung is feeling the pinch. here to chat kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on this tuesday morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. samsung is the leading seller of smartphones across the globe but like apple it's run into issues when it comes to selling them as there's been more saturation in markets all around the world. samsung is warning investors that it expects its profit in the first quarter to be 4% less than what it first projected. still a very solid $8 billion. but also running into problems like apple with higher priced phones as there are cheaper phones coming from china. the galaxies galaxy s5 debuts. it's waterproof. we are looking at a very busy week as far as new companies making their debuts on the stock market. the "wall street journal" says
6:46 am
we can expect 14ipos this week. that would be the busiest since november of 2007 with 14 ipos. a lot of them are doing well. but candy crush saga maker king digital fell 15% in his stock market debut. stock market hit hard over the past three sessions. longest losing skid in two months. let's see if we can turn things around this morning. tensions in ukraine is impacting the optimism but still the dow up by about 6 points. nasdaq is gaining 15. the s&p up by 2 points. michelle and frank, back to you. >> all right. jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. it is 6:46. how are we doing in traffic, liz? >> getting busier. castro valley y always hectic around this time of the morning as you make your way westbound 580. there's an accident and fuel spill. delays could go from bad to worse. we'll continue to watch it but
6:47 am
right now it's westbound 580 at least one lane is blocked right before you get to 238. otherwise, let's go westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680. you will notice a long line of those red sensors. there were no accidents. it's just really backed up right now heading out of tracy and we're really not sure why. but everywhere you see one of those red sensors, that means speeds below 25 miles per hour. so you can see from the sensors it's heaviest to about vasco and then still sluggish out to the dublin interchange. but at least those speed sensors improve out of the red and turn to yellow instead. out to the bay bridge, the metering lights have been on since just before 6:00. kcbs drove through and says it is stacked up through the maze. you can see them cycling through the metering lights. cars taking longer to get past the pay gates past the metering lights slow up the incline but not too bad. northern 101 through san jose that accident de la cruz is on the on-ramp but it took out a
6:48 am
metering light. on-ramp slow from capitol expressway. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." with the forecast, here's lawrence. should be a beautiful day around the bay area. if you are just getting up, temperatures pretty mild this morning. we have a few clouds and patchy, dense fog right along the coastline. and some high clouds drifting overhead. a gorgeous day mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. temperatures going to warm up nicely and in fact today probably going to be the warmest day of the week. then a cooling trend as we see more fog on the way for tomorrow. high pressure right now still in control. that is bringing with it some great weather today. that ridge breaks down that sea breeze is going to kick in tomorrow and that's going to carry with it more fog and low clouds. today some 80s and some 90s into the central valley couple of patches of fog into monterey bay at 72, and 80 in yosemite. temperatures around the bay area today back into the 80s in the south bay, 85 in morgan hill. 84 in sunnyvale. 70 degrees in pacifica and about 78 in hayward. east bay temperatures up in the
6:49 am
mid-80s in many spots. about 84 in pittsburg. 84 in fairfield. about 84 in walnut creek. and 82 degrees in benicia. inside the bay you're looking at lots of 70s into the afternoon even upper 70s into oakland. 74 degrees in san francisco. and 69 in daly city. looking out over the next couple of days, plenty of sunshine coming our way and looks like some nice temperatures although we'll start to cool down as early as tomorrow. looks like some fairly nice weather though right through the weekend. by the way, yeah, we have the big baseball game today and it looks like a good one if you are heading out to the ballpark. bring that sunscreen. sunny and warm, about 76 degrees, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. amazon fresh home grocery delivery got new technology to help it succeed. cnet editor-at-large brian cooley has the future of grocery list. throw out the pen and paper? >> reporter: forget that pad on the fridge. you don't need that. amazon has a delivery service like web van called amazon fresh, it's in los angeles, san
6:50 am
francisco and seattle. they have a new device called the dash. it's kind of a scanner a bar code scanner that you can aim at a product that that automatically put it on your grossly list to be delivered asap or say need milk and push a button and it will figure out what you said and add that to your list. it's added to your amazon fresh list. they have about a half million items that you can choose from. some that aren't strikely grocery but this does not let you shop the entire amazon web store. it's not for buying books or dvds or bicycles. the device is free by invitation-only so if you are using amazon fresh you can request the next one they have available. they have a limited supply of them. the service is $299 a year. but that includes amazon prime which right now costs $100. which gets you free two-day delivery and free movie and tv streaming. it's a complicated package but we found sharon vaknin found it's a wash with shopping at
6:51 am
the local store when you take in your time and the cost of gas and their prices are competitive with what you would find at let's say a safeway. so it's sort of not a way to get cheaper groceries. it's a way to get a more convenient life and perhaps eventually if your time is valuable enough you realize i don't want to drive to the store all the time. >> is it same day? >> it is either same day or rapid next day because they have deliberation centers more and more in local areas. it's a big thing for amazon is to build more local distribution to get more into the same or next day delivery business. you know, their distribution centers are legendary. the groceries are refrigerated, they have a fleet of trucks. this is all very web van. we have seen this before but the difference is amazon has so much scale and they are applying new data technology than web van. it's a different animal.
6:52 am
if you are an amazon fresh customer you go to information console there your account signup but again, most people are not using amazon fresh yet because they don't know about it. so go to amazon and find the amazon fresh link on the site and sign up. and try it out. but this dash technology is interesting. >> it's making our lives so much -- >> i like pushing a cart. >> going to the store and browse something interesting and still part of our fiber our dna. but the idea that we're going to suddenly decide you know what i would rather just point this thing at a product especially if it's a product i buy all the time without any new decisions, the milk is the same every week. i don't need to go rediscover it at the store every week. >> thank you. 6:52. students at the university of connecticut are celebrating the huskies ncaa victory well into the early-morning hours. coming up the out-of-control party. remembers it's opening >> reporter: it's opening day for the san francisco giants right here at at&t park and we're bringing you out to the ballpark as the news continues
6:53 am
on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:55 am
6:56 am
april five things to know at the :55. today is ben & jerry's annual free cone day. every year, april 8, the company offering some free ice cream cones to say thank you to customers. severe weather slammed the south from louisiana to north carolina on monday. a tornado leveled houses and downed trees and power lines in north carolina. and flash floods swept away cars and debris in mississippi and atlanta. as soon as the ncaa
6:57 am
championship game was over, uconn fans celebrated the win. nobody hurt but there was some vandalism. 30 people arrested. state senator leland yee is expected to be arraigned today on a federal grand jury indictment. the charges include public corruption and gun and drug trafficking. 28 others also face charges in the case and many of them are also due in court today. former secretary of state hillary clinton in san francisco today for a midday speech. she will be giving the keynote address at the gathering at the moscone center. she is still weighing a potential run for president in 2016. good morning, everybody. it is currently 54 degrees here at at&t park. it is the home opener for our san francisco giants. and i got to tell ya, now that the sun is beginning to shine, we are seeing a little bit of hustle and bustle, a little bit of activity. we see the red, white and blue bunting in place which means it's time to play ball. let me set the stage for you. here's how it works today.
6:58 am
11:05 the gates open to at&t park. now, you're going to notice a difference. first off, there will be scattered metal detectors throughout the park. also that is pretty much put into place by major league baseball to keep you safe. then, another notable option here, do not bring backpacks. they are not allowed. that's a big change. then at 12:45, it's pre-game activities. and the first 40,000 fans in the park will receive a san francisco giants calendar. and at 1:35, it's tim hudson, he takes the mound for the good guys, yes, tim hudson is back in a giants uniform. newly acquired from the atlanta braves he goes up against trevor cahill formerly of the oakland a's. the last time they went head to head was last wednesday in arizona. giants came up victorias. they are now 5-2 coming into this game today which places them first place in the national league west. reporting from opening day here
6:59 am
at at&t park, remember the sunblock, 76 degrees today. roberta gonzales, kpix 5. and castro valley drivers you have a traffic jam and we have some updated information for you. so it's westbound 580 just west of strobridge that's the latest tweet from "kcbs traffic." it's a possible injury accident and now it's blocking two lanes so as you can see from the sensors, it has gone from bad to worse expect some very heavy delays right now trying to get into the castro valley y. at the bay bridge, they have been cycling through the metering lights pretty slowly. it is stacked up through the maze starting to see the delays now from richmond into berkeley. a few high clouds cruising overhead a nice start to the day though out over the bay a couple of patches of fog right out along the coastline. but it is going to be a gorgeous afternoon. these temperatures probably the warmest of the week, mid-80s inland, maybe some 70s toward the coastline. 70s and 80s inside the bay. next couple of days, the cooldown begins but still some very nice weather right through the weekend. >> good baseball weather. >> beautiful. out at the park 76 degrees. >> i know. frank's going to be out there
7:00 am
soon. >> see you at noon. company good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, april 8th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." tornados tear through north carolina. severe storms destroy homes, flip cars and flood neighborhoods across the south. the blade runner delivers oscar pistorius tells his story of the night he shot his girlfriend to death. and they are celebrating in connecticut. uconn beats the odds to win the ncaa title. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it's just going up in the air and swirling around. >> spring storms slammed the south. >> tornados tore the roofs off houses, brought down power


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